Brand Awareness

We provide high impact targeted ad campaigns on the back of our rickshaws to take your brand into the streets of Perth and make it memorable. Partner with us to reach visitors and locals alike in a fun, green and memorable way. Experiential advertising is the mostefficient and fashionable way to reach an engaged audience in any environmentally conscious city.

Eyes and Minds on Your Brand

Rickshaws provide the perfect opportunity for advertising your business as we are regularly delivering passengers to and from sporting events, concerts, restaurants and clubs, making us the most visible mobile advertiser in the city every weekend. Fully customisable advertising signs or wraps with a guarantee of at least 80 display hours per month which seen by up to 6,000 people per night.

Experiential Advertising

Advertising is changing rapidly because of the internet. TV and Print are dying. People look more favourably on brands that can give them something of value in return for their attention. Experiential advertising is giving people free experiences to create emotional memories tied to your brand and gives you the best opportunity to engage with consumers by giving them a bit of happiness that they will remember

Full Colour Adhesive Wrap

Display a vivid message and create a lasting emotional impression for customers and the public. These wraps stand out visually for being so fresh and novel. Build awareness of your brand and show people that your business is socially conscious and creative. ($500 installation and $200 per month per rickshaw)

Full Colour Corflute Boards

Affordable to print, easy to install. The rickshaw captures everybody's attention, with lights, music, colour and novelty to draw attention to the sign. These are for unique mobile advertisements to target the most amount of people at the most competitive price ($80 printing + $100 per month per month per rickshaw)