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How experiential advertising can make your customer remember your brand for life


Experiential Advertising

In the age of digital marketing and social media, business owners are under more pressure than ever to get
noticed in an world of competitors and information. Yet what if the route to brand awareness lay not in ever-
increasing online expenditure? But in an active marketing, a technique often forgotten in favour of analytics. Enter experiential advertising, providing value to your customers so that they value you.

As event company Eventbrite puts it:

“experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers in
memorable live experiences and creating personal experiences with your brand.”

For the majority of Australian businesses, there are two ways of going about this; either your brand can offer
consumers an experience they’ll cherish (the first option), or your brand can associate itself with an
existing, proven experience (the second option). Like any strategy, there are pros and cons to each.

In honesty, the first option doesn’t come cheap. Experience generation requires substantial
planning, capital investment and is generally limited in scale. (It’s often not cost-effective to offer
‘experiences’ to a wide percentage of your audience). It’s difficult to continue promoting your brand
beyond the initial surge of interest, and this will often lead businesses into a ‘competition trap’ –
where a business is forced to regularly run individually marketed competitions lest their brand fade
into mediocrity (or worse, the second page of Facebook search results). With this said, it’s direct
engagement that will convert.

Peddle Perth Experiential Advertising

Fringe World Toot Toots 2017







Experiential Advertising in Perth

The second option is much more attainable for most businesses, and even better, offers direct
analytics and increased scalability. By associating your brand with an existing experience or
attraction, you create the same emotional link between your service and consumers without the
cost and time. In creating your own activation branding an existing service to your brand, you can give value to the public and receive a massive boost of attention in return.

A great example is the service offered by Peddle Perth . (You could say we’re a little biased!) We offer
the people of Perth a fun, memorable and exciting mode of transport via rickshaw rides. We know that customers will be talking about you because, the majority of our own business inquiries have been generated through word of mouth.

The backs of our bikes feature 1 square metre of ad space, on which we mount high impact targeted campaigns
to take your brand into the heart of Perth’s nightlife. Our direct approach gives local and international
businesses measurable feedback on their marketing spends. While simultaneously offering the
emotional connection that experiential advertising is all about.

Peddle Perth

We were named one of the Best Things To Do at the 2017 Fringe Festival by Scene in Perth. Here we gave free rickshaw rides to over 9,000 revelers. We have also done experiential advertising campaigns for City of Perth, 96FM, UWA, ECU, HIT 92.9, Geisha and Northbridge Brewing Company. Amongst others.

One of our small business clients, Oh Hey WA, experienced an increase in inquiries for her tours, being heavily reliant on word-of-mouth lead generation, Oh Hey appreciated the ability to scale their marketing efforts directly with brand awareness and generate a substantial return on their spending.

Peddle Perth Experiential Advertising

96 FM Activation

Peddle Perth Experiential Advertising

Oh Hey WA Pizza Tours










To reiterate, experiential advertising offers small business owners the opportunity to associate their
brand and product with environmental sustainable transport, positive emotions and unforgettable memories of a great time. Experiential advertising is an investment nonetheless, but with its terrific reach and a real organic sense of
engagement, it might just be the right fit for you.

Contact our founder, Zac Duggan, at info@peddleperth.com to book your own marketing strategy
session. When Zac isn’t one of Perth’s fastest moving entrepreneurs in the experiential advertising
business, you’ll find him drinking coffee or collecting indoor plants. Otherwise, you’ll find him cycling
around our city’s bustling nightlife, bringing vibrancy and a unique voice for businesses to Perth.