Our Journey So Far

2 years ago I dreamed about starting a pedicab business.

2 months ago I made the sincere decision to do it and started dreaming everyday of my girlfriend riding a pedicab.

I called the right people and now I have been fortunate enough to meet some great minds who have helped pave the foundations of Best Coast Pedicabs. Those people know who they are. It made me further realise that we are nothing without great people around us.

So with the aid of a loan, we flew to Sydney, caught the train to Newcastle and bought 5 pedicabs. Then we rented a big Renault van with a trailer attached. We drove 4000km in 4 days, with no near misses with any animals.

Our great continent stretched out flat, dry and empty before my eyes for 4 straight days of driving 11 hours.

We saw emus, a wild cat, 2 lizards, 376 dead kangaroos and a camel. Plus meeting some interesting locals.

As we drove into Perth the feeling was surreal, it made me understand Australia so much more. The inland is a vast nothingness, where the air feels bare and the country seems a vacuum of energy.

As we saw the skyline of Perth, like obsidian in front of the sun setting in the west. It was a dream come true. We drove down the hills and into the coastal valley. Fighting through the heavy traffic with the big van and trailer after 4 days of seeing very few cars on the road.

We made it. Now as we go through the holiday season, the business journey begins