Get a Ride

Get a Ride

Give us a whistle and we will come to you.

If you are like me and can’t whistle, don’t feel bad just just wave your arm to hail.

Our 5 Rickshaw Taxis are peddling around Perth again starting in August. If we are not at one of the areas below , it means we are riding around the city!

We operate 9pm -3am every Friday and Saturday

To book give us a call and we will be there in 5 minutes


Our App is in its final stages of development, it is not yet released, however if you would like to try it out and order a rickshaw this weekend here is the android verson:

Let us know any difficulties you have so we can get them fixed before release

To book or order a pedicab call: 0411448724

Pickup Locations


Elizabeth Quay in front of the Perth’s one and only Bell Tower


Corner of Murray Street Mall and Newcastle st (Note: Pedicabs cannot enter the mall)


The Cultural Centre at the end of James st

Operating Hours


9 PM – 4 AM


9 Pm – 4 AM