East Perth to Riverside Day Ride

Hello Perth Rickshaw aficionados and partners in the crime of fun,

We just wanted to give you a little update on Peddle Perth Rickshaw’s

We had an amazing day for WA Day, we started off in East Perth and picked up 2 identical twins and their aunty and uncle in our “chariots”.

The twins DJed all the way to Elizabeth Quay and we had a great time in the sunshine, laughing and joking. It was great to feel like a kid again.

We stopped at the big slide up in the riverside park near King’s Park, we went down the big slides on our little blankets and then Peddled them back to East Perth.

It was such a great time and the girls rated it 10 /10, it was super cool having a wholesome family fun day.

We got iced coffee at Wassup Dog and travelled into Elizabeth Quay to greet the crowds.

Peddle Perth Rickshaws offered $10 rides around the quay so we just cycled round and took lots of happy customers on the ride of their life and got to listen to some amazing music.

Especially Karnivool, absolutely killed it, that was a dream.

SOTAwas a super friendly, well organised and incredible festival, it was great to see the Quay packed with some many happy people of Winter’s Day that felt like Spring! We gave 32 rickshaw rides and every moment was a good time. Lots of good vibes. Thanks to everybody involved!

On the way back into the city I ran into TIMOTHY NELSON. I fan girled a little bit and gave him and his fellow presenter Dominic at SOTA a free ride to Mechanics.

We just wanted to say thank you for this tremendously fun day, it’s great to spread happiness and have an amazing time and get paid by you all for giving positive experiences and good chats.

So thanks Perth, this city is far more beautiful and interesting then many think and we should treasure it


Peddle PerthEast Perth to Riverside Day Ride