A quick glance at our friendly riders


Zac Duggan

I started Peddle Perth as a crazy idea in my head 1 year ago. Thankyou to all my friends, fam and Perthians who have supported us so far. We are only just beginning. I love to buy bitcoins, read books, eat plants, drink coffee, write poems and ride rickshaws. I think that the hope of our species lies in our generation being conscious, intelligent, creative and crazy in love. I tried to change the world so I changed myself


Niklas Lederer

I’m pretty relaxed and easy going, love surfing and am interested in consciousness, enlightenment and more spiritual goodness. So basically you can refer to me as your guru……

I can’t go past pizza and ice cream and love to travel to the mountains for some snow.
I love being a Peddle rider and it would be an honour for me to take you to your destination….no matter how intoxicated you are xD

If there’s anything that you think should be changed feel free to do so. Tried making it a bit funny.



G’day, my names’ Lachy! I’m 19 years young, absolutely love making people smile and all about that planet saving life! Jump on board my bike and I’ll be the best ride of your night. Peddle to the Metal!



I’m Kyle, a peddle rider, world traveller, food taster, beverage drinker, parkour ninja and I have the coolest job in Perth, peddling around all sorts of amazing people around the city! After travelling the world for a year I’ve moved to Perth for the best of times and to study business at UWA. I’m a human being living compassionately trying to inspire a better world. Come ride with me for the most amazing Perth experience!



Architect of happiness and professional chaser of experiences. Courtney enjoys long romantic walks back to the car as he left the interior lights on but didn’t realize earlier. But that’s okay, his smile is always turned up to eleven.



Hai my name is Vinh. Born in Perth to a loving Vietnamese family. I’m a carpenter by day and Perth Peddle rider by night. I enjoy playing the didgeridoo, yoga, op shopping, pizza and laughing. I’m here to spread my love and happiness to you all