Peddle Launch Night

Peddle Launch Night

Peddle, Peddle, Peddle!

The crowd yelled “Pedal power” and “pedal hard mate!”. They yelled all sorts of insanities and profanities. Girls giggled and laughed on the back of the cab. Three men nearly 100kg lambasted me as I pedalled up hill, 400kg under my feet.
It was brilliant, it was disruptive, the launch was my dream come true.

When I saw my girlfriend Vitoria riding along James St on one of the pedicabs with a huge smile on her face I had the most intense feeling of joy. It made me want to scream “Anything you dream about, that you wish you could do. You can, make the decision and visualise it everyday. Work towards it and involve the people around you. It will manifest.”

The Launch of Peddle Perth in Northbridge, Elizabeth Quay and Perth City was successful. We all learnt a lot about the city and about the people. The most frequented places were Perth Underground, The Court, The Library, Connections, AIR, Ambar, Capitol, Squires and the Angel’s cut. I learnt shortcuts through the city, new bars, new ways of speaking to random people, how to have fun while working and especially how to accept rejection with a smile.

We started in the city around 6.30 and rode until 12. In those 5 and a half hours we gave out over 200 free rickshaw rides to around 400 people. I even got tipped $50 for a nice ride down James Street. We had no major issues with police, traffic or customers over the whole first weekend and for that i am really thankful.

I learnt a lot about influence and it was really interesting how some people wouldn’t pay when you told them a very reasonable price and how others would pay you even when you insisted that the ride was free. It really is a great job to learn about people, you get to see people in all states; at their best and worst.

The whole experience moved me and made me believe so much more in the experience of riding a rickshaw. I am super motivated now to perfect all the finer details and work closely with the riders to create a safe, personal and extremely fun atmosphere for all our customers.

Thanks to everyone that came out and I look forward to meeting all the new customers of the Easter Long Weekend! Or as the Babylonians say: “Ishtar”

Thanks Perth,